The Yellow Envelope Photo Album

Pictures of Kim and Brian’s trip, including some of the people (and critters!) that received Michele and Glenn’s yellow envelope money.


The yellow envelope on the night it was given to Kim and Brian

Brian and Kim on their way to the airport to catch their flight to Ecuador 


The town of Banos, Ecuador

Kim and Brian volunteering in Banos, Ecuador. If you’d like to donate to Arte del Mundo you can do so here


Arriving on Amantani Island

Veronica and Diego (not their real names) in their kitchen on Amantani Island, Peru

Brian and Kim wearing traditional outfits at the Amantani Island dance



Jaisalmer, India– the city where the Rickshaw Run began

Sunny the Rickshaw parked on the side of the highway in Northern India

Receiving help from strangers during one of Sunny’s numerous breakdowns

The man in the unknown town that gave Kim and her traveling companions a place to sleep when their rickshaw was acting up…

… and the beds he offered them

Feeding the dogs pineapple and Parle-G biscuits

The mechanic that fixed Kim’s rickshaw at the Cafe Coffee Day

Kim and her teammates at the finish line of the Rickshaw Run

Wendy and Kim in Hampi, India

Kim and Wendy’s rickshaw driver in Hampi taking a nap after the windshield of his rickshaw exploded

The animal rescue center in Goa, India. This place does incredible work! If you’d like to donate please visit their website. 


Kim and Brian on the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal

Two boys collecting donations for their school after an earthquake

The young monk at the monastery in Nepal. To learn more about the monastery, or to donate, please visit their website.

The view of Kagbeni from the rooftop of the monastery


Kim at the temple in Bali 

Arriving on Gili Meno Island

The Gili Meno turtle sanctuary. To learn more about the sanctuary, or to donate, visit their website.

The saltwater pools (with baby turtles inside) at the Gili Meno turtle sanctuary


Brian, Kim, Michele, and Glenn taking a break while biking in Vietnam

The schoolhouse where school supplies were donated

Some of the school supplies donated to the school

One of the community bicycles donated (photo by Michele Crim)


The town of Sayulita, Mexico

The view from Brian and Kim’s apartment window

On the bus back to Sayulita after seeing the baby for the first time



Juniper holding her very own copy of The Yellow Envelope

Kim and Juniper stuffing yellow envelopes for The Yellow Envelope Project. To learn more about the project visit our Facebook page.

School kids in Asheville, NC spreading random acts of kindness in yellow envelopes