The Yellow Envelope Book Club Questions

The Yellow Envelope book club questions

  1. Our society rewards control and “having it all together.” Kim learned in India that she did not have to prepare for everything ahead of time, and that she would be taken care of, regardless. Here in our comfortable lives, how do we create space for that kind of “magic?”


  1. In this book, Kim went through extreme measures to find herself, selling most of her belongings and traveling for years. What has been your experience of how you learn the answers to such substantive life questions? Have your measures been extreme in a different way?


  1. In Nepal, Kim says she “felt insignificant and yet essential, rooted, like (her) legs had sprouted and grown all the way to the center of the earth.” Have you ever had an experience like this one?


  1. “Everywhere you go, there you are.” How do your personal experiences skew your traveling experiences?


  1. Which country that Kim described calls to you the most and why?


  1. What was your reaction to Eddie and Katherine on the Vietnamese bike tour? Did they represent anything about America for you? What do they tell you about judgment?


  1. Have you ever had a friend like Wendy? Why did that relationship work so well?


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